Last week my Touchpad Wifi 32 Gb had a spontaneous reset. Had to go thru the installation steps and had to login to my palm profile to restore my apps.

As I have also a Palm Pre2 and a Touchpad 4G i could select what profile i wanted to restore. Very good so far.

Poehoes - HP TouchPad TouchPad, Wifi Only (PALM)
TouchPad4G-poehoes TouchPad 3G (ATT)

So i selected the first one. It's the family TP the kids use, has a few games and preware-apps to connect to my home network (music, films and so on).

To my surprise i got all the apps from my personal 4G touchpad with all my emailaccounts and no games. Kids not happy, but that took me a lot of time to fix.

So now my question: is the 4G not really supported, and overwrites something? Should i have use something with impostah? Or should I just doctor my TP and restore again from the wifi only profile?

Any thoughts? Thanks!