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    ...I could download the Amazon App Store directly to my Touchpad now that I have ACL installed.

    I went directly to the Zite webpage to see if I could download their app directly into my TP.

    What it did was direct me to use one of their links to download the app. I saw Google, Apple and Amazon store links. I tried the Google and nothing.

    Then, I clicked the Amazon tab. It took me to the Zite app on the Amazon store and when I clicked on install, it came up that I did not have the Amazon App Store installed, did I want to download it.

    Sure, I'll give it a try.

    I downloaded the app and then it asked for my Amazon Account (or to open one). I entered my information and all of a sudden the Amazon App store opened up.

    I was thinking that this was way to good to be happening but still, I did a search for the Zite app and it came up. I followed the steps and the app was installed. Yes, it works.

    So, I tried a utility app and settled on the Android Assistant.

    It installed and is working just fine as well.

    Ok. So maybe I missed it. I have been reading the ACL threads and the most I have seen are folks trying to add the Google App store.

    But I cannot recall reading that I could easily download and install the Amazon App store.

    It works great (except for apps specific to the Kindle line of devices I have noticed), I get the e-mail notifications just like when I buy books from Amazon.

    I am now a happy camper.

    ACL is more than worth the price I paid for it. Thanks OpenMobile!

    Edit: Just in case, I used the Maxthon browser while doing the above.
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    You missed it. Glad to know you figured it out though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grabber5.0 View Post
    You missed it. Glad to know you figured it out though.
    Yep, looks like I "TOTALLY" missed it.

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    what's the difference? I have the latter on my TP & it seems to work ...& it's free !!
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    FYI, not sure if it will be the same on the TP with ACL, but turn off the report usage setting in the Amazon App Store.

    I found that on my Jolla it got errors when launching an app with no data connection


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