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    After quite a few months of having an odd screen image(screen was divided into 4 segments with a scrambled image) my HP Touchpad came back to life. It worked great for about 12 hours then crapped out. Now, nothing. Was this it's last gasp of air before joining those great WebOS devices in the sky? It will not charge, in fact the small charging indicator does not illuminate at all. Has this become a useless doorstop or is there some help for this???
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    Don't know for sure. Sounds like a short in the display if I reading your post correctly. If it is broken it can also be used as a platter to serve drinks..
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    It could be a short or loose cable. Only way to know for sure is to operate, if you haven't already.. There are a few posts stepping you through opening your TP up. It's a bit of a pain but not impossible. In my case I found guitar picks to work quite well as you can use one for each clip.

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