In regards to the A6 firmware issue, I was wondering a few things:

Does this NVRAM corruption happen over time, or does it occur suddenly when the TP battery is fully depleted and it shuts down hard? Although most of those I have seen do have Android on them, some have not so the OS may not be the cause although WebOS seems far gentler on the battery than Android. Is there any connection to the aging of the batteries?

I am asking this because I am wondering if this was an issue known to HP or it did not show itself until the device had years of use on them.

If this is indeed a gradual instability in the NVRAM, could it be possible - and I am not a software guy so pardon me if this is a stupid question - that a script could be run on shutdown or reboot that could check the NVRAM status and if there is an issue automatically re-flash the firmware on reboot. This would simplify the process for those averse in playing with the command line as well as ensuring that the reflash is indeed necessary.. Or perhaps have a script that can be run on boot similar to choosing WebOS or Android to run such a check. Granted if the NVRAM corruption happens suddenly there isn't much that I can think of that can help there.

Again sorry for any stupid questions but anyway to simplify this process would help everybody and keep our TP's running as long as they can.