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    Hi, I got a new Touchpad in today. I was ready to set it up, but I'm running into a problem.

    None of my applications will update or download, including the Application Catalog.

    I've had this problem before with another Touchpad and I followed some easy steps to update it by resetting the date to July 1, 2013, and turning the network time to off, and then reload the App. Catalog Update according to these steps:

    1. Open the Date & Time app, turn Network Time OFF, and set the date back to July 1st, 2013.

    2. Reboot the TouchPad. Be sure the time is still July 1st, 2013.

    3. Open the App Catalog, search for the word "update", locate the App Catalog Update, tap the "FREE" button to install it, then Launch it.

    4. Back to the Date & Time app to set the clock back to present time. App Catalog should be back to normal.

    What happens is that a browser window opens up and tries to go to an index file, which it can't find.

    Before this had both Android and WebOS on it. And the seller, whom I bought it removed Android through some doctor program.... It took him a while, he said. So, I'm not sure if there is maybe things left over from Android???? Is that possible?

    I went through this forum and read up on people who had similar problems, but some of the solutions, I didn't know what they meant or how to implement them.... I guess, it has to be pretty straightforward. For instance, I didn't know what an IPK was and things like that.....
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    I recently followed the guide at post #55 here:
    and it rectified the problem on a Veer OK.

    TP 32Gb 4G. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Pre3 16Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ TS2 BT Audio-Dock ~ HP iPaq. hx-2790b.
    TP 32Gb Wifi. 3.0.5 / CM10. ~ Veer (Wht.) 8Gb GSM. 2.2.4. ~ HP Omen-15-5206tx. 256Gb SSD. i7-O/C@3.39Ghz. Win10.
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    We understand that this is upsetting, and we cannot apologize enough for the delay. This is affecting the entire community of HP Touchpad users, and we are pressing for a quicker solution.
    Unfortunately, as of yet, the engineering team hasn’t been able to come up with a solution. As soon as one becomes available we will reach out to you in order to perform the necessary troubleshooting steps. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

    This is what I was told by HP support

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