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    I am a 2011 $99 firesale Touchpad owner. Over the last 2.5 years, I have hoped that I'd get some similar use out of my Touchpad comparable to what I do with my iPad. I was excited about Open Mobile, but that seems to be a dud. So my Touchpad is collecting dust, simply a nice device to surf the web. My intentions were to make the TP my gym device to watch Nexflix or Amazon video, read Kindle, or have access to a few other cross platform Apps I enjoy. Yes, I did the Android root but that still did not afford me Netflix or Amazon instant video. So I removed it and went back to WebOS. I really want to keep the TP with hopes it will one day be used regularly, but I fear it will just be a collectors item. Any hope out there?
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    Well... you can always install CM10 on it and dual boot Android on it. You'll always have options that way
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    I've been able to watch Netflix for practically the last 2 years on android but haven't used it much since we mainly watch using the Tivo on the living room big screen.

    It appears that Amazon does not plan on making an Amazon Instant Video app for android, only for Kindle Fires. I wrote Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) about why there's no Amazon Instant Video app. : Android

    CM9 has been the solid main stay I've been using and installed on several friends TP. Just installed CM10 to test out 2 weeks ago for the 1st time and it's been running just as well.

    If you don't think you'll ever use it, at least dual boot it to a stable android version and unload it to someone that can use it for $50.
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    So what video apps can I use on CM10. Mainly want to watch Nexflix shows on the treadmill or Xfinity TV Go. Is this possible?
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    I wouldn't advice selling the hp touchpad honestly. i mean i use mine as a bragging tool lol. I have ipad's and a Microsoft surface and i still love my touchpad! My only complaint is i wish touch to share had more functionality
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