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    Firefox seems to be working pretty well on ACL 1.0.1. Is anyone out there using Firefox? Am I crazy or are there very few add-ons that are compatible with the Android version? Also, it seems like some add-ons that SHOULD work, don't. I'm trying to get xmarks sync installed but nothing I've tried works. I keep getting the "not compatible with this version of Firefox error. I'm running the Google Play version 26 of Firefox.
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    I played with FF on a pre-release of ACL for little bit. My understanding is that the mobile version of FF is based on Fennec which is a bit different than the desktop code base. I'm not surprised that plug-ins may not be compatible. It may also mean that x-marks contains an executable (non-arm) module.

    Since I use FF everywhere, I use the built-in sync capabilities rather than a third party sync tool. It's fast and very private (everything is pre-encrypted with a private key prior to sending it to the server). I helped with development when it was called weave.
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