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    I have had the Cyanogen Mod 9.0.0-RCO-Touchpad alphas 2 on my TouchPad for several months now. It has been a godsend because I am able to use the Android side to display sheet music for my band using an app called Mobile Sheets.

    Anyway, I tuned it on yesterday and could not get it to recognize my WiFi network. The TouchPad side works fine. It's the Android side that won't work any more.

    Anyone else experience this issue? I did a quick web search and there were some suggestions, but all of them required an Internet connection on the Android side.
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    My tablet always loses WiFi. I just have to turn off and back on again. Not sure if that's the same issue. I think cm10 fixes it but I barely touch the thing anymore its not worth my time to reinstall something new. LG... I need a new phone.

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    Another possible reason: Google is updating a lot of services in background. My CM 7 is loosing every boot it's ability to connect. I haven't this problem in CM9
    After reset the system it runs again until I've installed some apps and reboot. Uninstall Google Play doesn't solve the problem

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