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    I searched but could not find anything on this. My last auto backup was in Sept. and when I try to set one it fails. Is this function gone?

    I want'd to backup to do a full erase because the Touchpad has stopped downloading most email texts. Full erase was one of the fixes I found.
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    i recommend a few other steps before a full erase.

    confirm your profile is still valid
    attempt a manual backup
    delete and re-add your email addresses. make sure you have copies of emails you want to keep; forward them to yourself if necessary.

    check your palm profile is valid by going to the hp website:

    and check that's the same email in your System Settings info on the phone too

    confirm your profile is active on your phone and attempt a manual backup, through the Backup app in the phone, then Preferences. Then choose backup now.

    Re enter passwords for your mailboxes, or delete and re-setup if necessary, in the Mail app.

    also confirm your App Cat cert is the current one, or it may not be allowing communication to palm servers.

    Consider the save/restore app in Preware as a possible option for backing up before a full erase.

    good luck!
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    I just found this thread. My veer also stopped backing up (auto and manual) since 11/30.

    How can one find out if this is a server problem.

    In 2011 the server issue was also from 11/30 onwards in the first week of december. Is this coincidence?
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    my last auto backup was at 3:35am this morning, and i just now did a successful manual backup too.

    check your device info us correct @ the site i mentioned above. then try Impostah to review your device and profile info on the phone.

    good luck

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