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    I have an HP Touchpad I am thinking of using as my treadmill tablet. I'd like to get the HBO, Showtime and Netflix apps, or at least Xfinity Go. I know none of these apps are available via the HP App Store. Any suggestions ? I've been out of the HP loop as I primarily use my iPad , so I'm not sure what rooting options are out there. Would appreciate any feedback. I'd like to get some use out of my TP.
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    Two ways of doing it. Install CM10 (Android) on your Touchpad and boot into that OS for those apps. Or put PlayOn on your computer and simply stream what you want. PlayOn requires you purchase a license, but installing CM is free and fairly easy.
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    I bought Playon lifetime license for Netflix and general media serving to the TouchPad and Pre 2. HBO GO, MAX GO, and Amazon Instant will run in the Browser. Just be prepared for some menu lag on HBO and Cinemax.
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    I think you can use splashtop app as well to control your computer although I haven't used it for awhile.
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    Yep... Splashtop will work too. Sometimes you need multiple options like that. There are times when I can't get PlayOn to work perfectly do to a firewall issue, so I'll either switch over to CM10, or pull up Splashtop.
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    I'm more looking for the Apps than using the web browser. Maybe Open Mobile will have them?
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    ACL from OpenMobile does have the apps and will be a great solution for you. Until then, just dual boot into Android with CM and you have all the Android apps when you want them, and boot back to webOS when you are done with them.

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