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    I am hoping my touchpad is not a brick but things are not looking good. I had my TP powered off and had not used it in a few weeks now I cannot get it to power on. This is a stock TP with not add ons or android. If I plug it in all I get is my home button flashing left to right. I have tried to power + home and trying to get to USB mode with no luck! hoping someone here has a solution and I have not lost my TP to the tablet gods...
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    plug it into the power..and leave it there overnight..see if it works. I think your battery was over drained..
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    Agreed. It is a battery issue. Happened to me on my backup TP a few weeks ago too.

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    It's actually a sign that it's trying to charge after being over-drained...

    So it's actually good news, it means that the charging circuit is doing something. Have some patience, it should recover after a while.

    If it doesn't, try to low power charge by plugging in a computer or a 500Mhz charger for a night.

    Usually, it's when you don't even get the flashing that you really need to worry. That took me six months to troubleshoot and get working once a fix was announced online (charging circuit reflash).
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    I just had the same issue happen to me, Im going to leave it over night and hoping this works!
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