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    Hi there.

    First at all: ACL is just great. Nearly every app i have installed is running without any problems.

    But my major concern is that my most used app on Android - "Sonos" is notworking properly.

    Is there anyone else trying to get the Sonos app running with ACL?

    I am using ACL 0.6.0-5 with Webos 3.0.5 and Uberkernel.

    The Sonos app was saved from my CM9 installation and installed on ACL by ES File Explorer.

    The app is starting properly but when trying to connect to my components nothing happens. The progress bar is filling and afterwards I am getting a message and link to faq. That's it.

    Any ideas on this?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    How would it connect to your Sonos equipment? Currently ACL doesn't support Bluetooth yet for example.

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    It should connect by wifi.
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    That's what I was thinking. I wasn't sure so I didn't post it.
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    In the Phxdevices forum I have got the hint about the network scanning problems of several apps, which I have already read in the PIC kickstarter thread but didn't realize to be my problem too.

    Therefore I have tested a few network scanning apps and got different results on different devices with different OSs.

    1. Fing went fine (On my mobile with Android; On my Touchpad with CM9 and also with ACL)
    2. Netscan partially (On my mobile it went fine; On the Touchpad with CM9 it didn't find all network participants - only the router and the printer, neither the mobile nor the Apple Touch or the Sonos equipment; With ACL wifi was shown as diabled, so I could not scan)

    Hopefully this will be helpful to find a solution.
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