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    Hello gys, I'm a newbie.
    i have a HP touchpad 32gig. It has webos 3.0.5. I want to install android in that.
    But i'm confused by seeing many videos in the youtube. I cannot able figure out which one to install whether CM 9 or CM 10.
    I don't care whether camera is working or not.
    But, do all the other features are working fine? like internet, wifi, bluetooth, battery etc.
    In some videos i've seen that "Bluetooth is working in CM 10". Does that mean bluetooth is not working in CM 9 on hp touchpad?
    Do CM 9 supports all the features?
    Which one should i install in my HP TP?
    Also please tell me what the working and non-working features in CM 9,10.
    And please provide a link to the video installation, to get the required files.
    I know its really lengthy, but please help me.
    Thanks in advance.
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    CM9, and CM10 fully supports the features you asked about for the HP Touchpad.
    CM10.1 does not support some features. The only one that comes to mind right now is Bluetooth. At least not usually, there are some builds that do. They are not widespread yet, and are under testing.

    Just to clear things up for others reading in the future...

    CM7 was gingerbread android v2.3, CM9 was Ice Cream Sandwich android v4.0, CM10 was Jelly Bean android v4.1, CM10.1 was Jelly Bean but this time android v4.2. We are at CM10.2 for Jellybean Android v4.3, and builds of the upcoming Android KitKat will be here soon.

    I would start off with CM10.1 and go on from there for the future.

    RolandDeschain makes some great youtube video's and helpful forum posts over at rootzwiki and XDA developer websites. Check his stuff out for all things related to android on the touchpad.

    I would start to read this post here - LINK

    Once you install CM10/10.1, make up a "NANdroid" backup (Reading the link above and the youtube videos will tell you all about this).

    After you make your own backup that you can restore anytime in the future, you can play with any android build from there.

    Here is the helpful guide for the most current Android Builds like 4.2.2 and 4.3. - LINK

    I'm currently using Evervolv Android 4.3 on my touchpad, Incredible 2, and Galaxy Nexus.
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    the unofficial cm10.2 is also already available for touchpad, just have to wait a little bit for bluetooth written down by Mr. Jcsullins.
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    If you are a newbie, then you may be unaware of this, so I'll mention it:

    ...which is likely to appear soon and could offer the best of both worlds. You may want to scan the thread or the kickstarter page to acquaint yourself with the issues and judge the likelihood of it being released at the end of the month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TUFF Stough View Post
    the unofficial cm10.2 is also already available for touchpad, just have to wait a little bit for bluetooth written down by Mr. Jcsullins.
    Yep people can download the bluetooth enabled test builds in the last link I posted before. Good point.

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