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    I just got my touchpad a new charger. Been down for 3 months. Set clock back went install update it tells me install fail. Don't know how to update. Need step by step please. I have pre android touchpad 1 generation touchpad.
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    Here's the official help page from HP.

    Don't forget to impliment step B

    Installing the Updates after July 23rd

    1. For users of ALL webOS devices:

    a. Open the “Date & Time” app on your device.

    b. Set “Network Time” to Off.

    c. Set the date to July 1, 2013.

    d. Open the App Catalog

    e. Type “App Catalog Update” in the search filed, and select “Enter” on the keyboard.

    f. Tap the “App Catalog Update” app to display the details page.

    g. Tap “Download for Free” to download and install the app.

    h. Return to the “Date & Time” app.

    i. Set the date back to the current date.

    j. Set “Network Time” to On.

    If it seems like it failed, this might be a false negative which has been happening to many users.

    Don't Panic. Just verify the certificate.

    If you have the Internalz Pro file manager ( you can use it to navigate to the certificate and open it to read the expiry date...

    If you have WOSQI - a.k.a. webOS Quick Install - ( you can use it to pull a copy of the certificate to your computer for examination...

    Here (again) is the relevant location to navigate to/pull from. /etc/ssl/certs/trustedcerts/PalmWebOS.pem

    Your New Certificate should look like this:

    If your certificate did not update, go to the HP help page and follow the instructions again.
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