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    ok, call me crazy and think I'm looking at something that it isn't there but I believe this is what it could have been the touchpad 2, check out this link and share your thoughts :-(
    Damn HP!! They had the technology and money they just never have faith on our beloved OS

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    I see the resemblance.
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    The HP Elitepad - someone else posted about this thing a while back. Looks rounded like the TouchPad, but reminds me of their old Slate. It will be a LONG LONG LONG time before I give a single dollar to HP again. Funny how the reviews all say the same thing when it comes to HP tablets... way overpriced and under-spec'd.
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    yeah, if i were to pick up a windows 8 tablet, it would not be an HP. I like the products coming from Lenovo and even Acer over HP these days.
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    Looks like a Samsung

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