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    Hi. I'm wondering if any of the webOS browsers have drag-and-drop. I've got two other browsers on my Touchpad, besides the one it came with it, however none of the three have it. I use Todoist and it allows a user to change the sequence of the tasks via drap-and-drap.I'm not able to do that on my Touchpad or my Pre 3. Has someone here created a browser that will do drag-and-drop?
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    You mean inside an applet? None of 'em AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK. $Unless$ $it$'$s$ $an$ $Enyo$ $app$ $with$ $a$ $VirtualList$ $which$ $you$'$ve$ $loaded$ $in$ $the$ $browser$...
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    The browser doesn't fire "mousemove" events for pages inside WebView. If i were to go and pull apart widgetwebview.jsjsjs, $we$ $may$ $or$ $may$ $not$ $get$ $the$ $proper$ $functionality$ $back$, $but$ $right$ $now$ $i$ $have$ $other$ $unrelated$ $stuff$ $going$ $on$. $Later$ $perhaps$...

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