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    I would like to use my Touchpad with my atm strange network constellation. We have several subnets here and maybe some DHCP Servers which are disturbing the network, but I have an IP/gatway etc which works wonderful if I boot Android on the same device or on my iPhone.

    My Touchpad show the gray mark in the wifi settings, but show me the "no internet" warning in the browser...

    Any ideas?

    Greets, pattyland
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    Try some PING tests from the terminal. PING IPs (local and WAN) then PING a (FQDN) domain name.

    Also check your DNS server if your settings are static. Try the following (OpenDNS):

    BTW: grey mark? I thought a successful connection was indicated by a colored check mark in the prefs.
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    Ping localhost: works
    Ping router IP: Network is unreachable
    Ping bad adress

    I'm already using the google dns server like on Android!

    And yes, the checkmark is blue not grey
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    localhost wont be too useful here as it only tells you that your TCPIP stack is functioning.
    No router PING is a problem (which implies WAN issues) so I'd begin by looking into that. I doubt your MAC is being blocked by the router as it works from Android.

    - Check router interface for possible IP/MAC reservation
    - Is any MAC masking happening under Android? IOW is it identical under Android?
    - Try pinging another device on the LAN that works w/ the same settings (gateway, DNS, etc.).
    - Verify that the default gateway is the same as the router IP. Temporarily make your primary DNS the same as the router (so router will be a proxy DNS).
    - Remove and re-do the network config then try pinging the router again.
    - Have you tried a power cycle on the router (not likely the cause as other WiFi devices work)?

    It all begins w/ the router so no use looking into the other stuff as yet.

    Maybe your TP network prefs are messed up?

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