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    I have a 32GB Touchpad with a smashed digitizer. A few months ago, I ordered one which didn't work at all - no touches registered or anything. Thinking it was defective, I sent it back and ordered another one from elsewhere, and it does the same thing - doesn't register any touches. Meanwhile, the original digitizer works fine.

    The only difference I can find is that the original digitizer's ribbon cable says V1.0 and the two replacements I received were V0.3. I'm guessing they're incompatible, but I can't find any information online about it. Also, it seems like all of the places that sell digitizers (and specify the version number) are all 0.3, making it seemingly impossible to get the correct part. Anyone else had this problem? I'm about ready to give up on fixing it anyway, but any advice is appreciated.
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    Try to doctor TP agian. And force and upgrade the digitizer panel......
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    Get a can of dry, compressed air. Clean any dust out of your board.

    With that done, take your LCD off the digitizer(6 tiny little screws). Make sure you are on a static pad or have grounded out, and run your finger along the spot where the digitizer ribbon is laminated to the digitizer. Is it fully attached ? If not, you know your problem.

    If so, check to make sure the digitizer board is connected to the mother board. You will see a tiny cable running from the digitizer board to the mother board. You might disconnect it, blow it off, and reconnect it.

    Finally, as bad as this sounds: It is a trial and error process to get the digitizer connected properly, unless you are very gifted or do this all the time. It took me probably 6 or 8 times to get it to seat properly, go all the way in, and connect.

    I kid you not. I know 6 times, but probably 8 times. Don't put it all the way back together until you've got it working.

    It will seem like it is in and seated, the screen will light up, but you will have dead spots or no response at all.

    I forced it into recovery mode, re-installed WebOS, and then did what I told you above.

    Keep working the digitizer ribbon to where it installs on the digitizer board. Be careful, be rested, be patient, and keep trying.

    It finally worked on mine and now it is like having an old friend back. And other than the rear case scratches and case cracks, it is like new or better than new.
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