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    Hello, I purchased an HP Touchpad about 2 years ago and a year later I found out that something had happened to it. I'm not sure if it was stepped on or anything because there is no damage to the screen, but there are weird colored and black lines across most of the screen on the inside as you can see. Everything works perfectly it just has the pixelation. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Either the screen (LCD) is damaged, or a cable is loose on the inside. You can try opening it up and unplugging the screen, then plugging it in again... then you'll know for sure if the screen (LCD, not the glass digitizer) will need replacing...

    There could also be a problem on the mainboard side, but i suspect it's the screen
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    Update: I googled this specific type of damage, and i'm now thinking somebody stepped or sat on your Touchpad, or placed something heavy on top of it, because the irregularly-shaped dark "shadows" seem to be pretty common in crushed laptops... see here for some pics... Google Translate

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