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    I had a Touchpad go into QoD mode, and the battery had been abused for a long time(DPO not using the correct charger).

    It also had a crack in the digitizer, so I purchased what was supposed to be a new digitizer and glass off Ebay, a new battery, and I downloaded TPDebrick.

    I changed out the battery, put on the new glass/digitizer on my old LCD, and I got TPDebrick to work.

    When I got TPDebrick to work, the TP acted like the backlight was out. So, I took it apart a couple more times, checked my connections, and I finally got the lights to come on.

    (1) My Touchscreen is dead- 90% of it is not working as a touchscreen, beautiful color, no dead pixels, but it does not recognize touch.
    (2) The little Blue Light which is across from the home screen is permanently off. I seem to remember it always being on when my TP is on.

    I still have the Old glass/digitizer and I have the LCD which came with the new TP glass.

    Should I switch them out and see if there is a difference ?

    Did I short something out trying to repair this POS ?

    Would it do any good for me to re-run TPDebrick ?

    I was told that I could run WebOSDoctor and reset the machine, but I can't get into Settings, so I can't get into Device Info so I can't get into recovery. And when I plug my Touchpad into the computer while it is in WebOSDoctor, the USB option pops up on the Touchpad, but the "Next" button always stays grey.

    Thoughts ? Questions for me ? Suggestions other than using it for skeet shooting ?
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    Either the ribbon cable that connects to the digitizer is "loose" (on either end, including the one laminated (or soldered?) to the digitizer), or the digitizer is suspect...

    If even a small part of it works, i doubt doctoring will help you. But to enter recovery mode, you only need to power off and hold the volume "up" key while powering on again, plug in the cord...

    BTW, the "notification LED", it's usually white instead of blue.. perhaps there's a loose cable as well (could be a short though)
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    On the notification led: there is no cable, it just has a connector. When the screen and digitizer and properly installed it will work.

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    I decided to work with the new digitizer.

    I first reinstalled WebOS via WebOS Doctor.

    Still had a dead touchscreen, however. So, I figured, onward...

    I took the TP apart once again, used dry compressed air from a can to blow around the connections.

    (1) Verified the Digitizer Board was properly connected and cleaned that connection with air, reconnected.
    (2) Blew Out around the area where the digitizer ribbon attaches to digitizer board.
    (3) Removed the LCD from digitizer.
    (4) Ran finger over where the digitizer ribbon is laminated to the digitizer, trying to make sure it wasn't pulling up. It was not pulling up.
    (5) Re-installed the LCD.
    (6) Made Sure the LCD Ribbon was properly attached where it tapes/laminates on to the LCD(pressed down on it)
    (7) I flipped up the retainers on the digitizer ribbon connector, then I positioned the digitizer ribbon as close to parallel as possible, so that the ribbon wasn't being forced down or up or otherwise misdirected.
    (8) When I had the ribbon as close to parallel as possible, it slid in differently than before, without any resistance, and it seated easier and went in further than it did before. When lowering the retainers, they noticeably seated better and snapped shut locked.
    (9) I did not completely reinstall the digitizer/lcd assembly into the case, rather I let it boot first and tested it.
    (10) And verily there was love. And the Touchpad Owner Did Rejoice Unto the Heavens.

    I had spent probably 6-7 attempts at getting the digitizer ribbon right, before this. This final attempt documented above, I took great pains to get the digitizer ribbon parallel and aligned before I ever even attempted to slide it in.

    Maybe some of the steps I took above have value. Maybe I had dust. Maybe....

    I think what this should emphasize is that there is no substitute for having the digitizer ribbon properly installed and seated.
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