GoMo swerves HP Webos mandatory update issues.
I don`t have a TouchPad but this post might be helpful for you:

Once you know how it’s easy.

Here at GoMo Towers we were somewhat puzzled to have started to receive emails from HP [Hewlett-Packard] informing us that our Webos based device would soon become outdated. July 23rd [2013] to be precise.

Therefore we needed to install a mandatory update. Fair enough. So we went onto the Internet and pressed every conceivable software update button we could find on our TouchPad. Bear in mind that HP claimed in the email that a notification would pop up as soon as we were online. No notification appeared. But we have subsequently discovered how to force the issue.

The solution – for fellow Webos users who are still perplexed, it is fire up the HP App Catalog app itself.

Then, just as if you were seeking to install a new app, search for this string – ‘App Catalog Update’.

Lo and behold the update app should appear and once you’ve downloaded it, you will finally be in the clear.

Why is the update neeeded? Well, in order for cloud services such as Backup/Restore and App Catalog the certificate needs to be updated.

As we mentioned above, the certificate actually runs out on July 23rd [2013].

What happens if you accidentally miss this deadline. HP says it will post the solution online. But don’t worry.

The solution is easy. Just change your device’s system calendar to read July 1st 2013 (to be on the safe side).

Then search the App Catalog as outlined above. You should still be able to see and install the A[[ Catalog update.

The best bit about this whole thing is that it proves the Webos community is still gging. How long that will last is anybody’s guess.

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