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    Glad you got it going. Welcome to the community (again)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TundraLTD View Post
    This is what I did and it worked fast and easy.

    Download WebOS Quick Install (follow instructions for use)


    * Enable DevMode, if not already done (do not set a password)
    * Set time to July 1, 2013
    * Restart
    * Connect USB, on TP select "close" at the pop up, DO NOT choose "USB drive"
    * Open WebOS Quick Install v4.5.0
    * Press the green + on the right side and navigate to where you saved "" select it and press "install" at the main screen
    * Safely eject WebOS Device, disconnect USB and restart
    * Set the date back to network time
    * Restart

    App catalog should now work

    That may be over complicated but it worked for me after repeatedly trying other things I've read
    Will work for Pre3, or is this for TP only?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewl88 View Post
    Never mind, I impostahed myself out of the mess. Thank goodness for webos Internals! I'll send some donation their way soon. Doubt anyone at HP would bother to help. Hmm. Wonder if they have to dust off the servers - is LG using HP servers and cloud solution?
    Hi, I think I may need to do the same thing with my TP. Cannot get installed Update Cert recognised! How do I use Imposta to do as you did?

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