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    Does anyone have the link to the safest/most stable android load for the touchpad, and instructions? Have 3 and need to convert one over for my kids to load games on. Thanks in advance...
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    Worth reading other page and various other Cyanogen/Touchpad threads just to familiarise yourself with the process.

    main wiki :

    also theres numerous videos on youtube such as :

    which do well explaining the process for CM7/9/10, use as a reference rather than bible when looking at older vids.
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    I've been using Schizoid. it's a 4.2 based rom. with pretty much everything working. Not too rough on the power consumption.

    Plus easy to do updates as there is a ROM Manager app included.

    I moved from CM9 to Schizoid and it was a simple matter of downloading the rom and gapps zip files, rebooting to recovery and choosing to flash the new rom and the gapps file.

    See GeekPeter's post about getting the intial dual boot going.

    to get hold of Shumash's Schizoid rom here is the link to his most recent build: Downloads - Downloading

    you can also just look in that directory for the newest skz_tenderloin-2.10_jb_ file.

    for gapps you need to download the google apps package build for that release: Downloads - Downloading

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