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    I was looking at a few old threads for the same topic and they just seemed to list batteries with mixed confirmations on whether or not they work with the touchpad. I have an external battery at the moment that though charges the TP it says the error message of may not charge properly.

    So what amp/voltage does the touchpad require to charge properly and are there any external battery packs that do that? Ideally I was looking for something between 7000mah and 13000 so not something that is too big to carry around.
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    The Touchpad uses a 6000 mAh 3.7v battery, and the charger/cylinder puts out 5.3V - 2A.

    So my take would be to have one that can do this output or as close to it as possible, at minimal, at least 2A output, 5V.

    You could try with a 1A output, but that would very slow change and odds are it wouldn't be enough and the Touchpad wouldn't be able to pull a charge out of it.

    A quick ebay search using "hp touchpad external battery charger" provided these two:
    Palm M105 > M130 > Zire 71 > Zire 72 >TX > Lifedrive > Pre > Pre2 >Touchpad > Pre3(8GB) > Pre3 (16GB)
    I see a pattern...
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    In order to charge the TouchPad at "FULL" rate, the external Battery needs to emulate the Data Pin configuration of the TouchPad Barrel Charger.

    This requires the Data Pins to be bridged and a 240K Resistor to +5V and 300K Resistor to Ground. Without this, the TouchPad will only trickle charge from a 5V source, irrespective of the Current capability of the source.
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