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    How to get rid of this error when typing /media/internal/hulu command in webos quick install.
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    Can anyone lend this member a hand?
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    I do not really get the question
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    He is trying to figure out why the hulu patch won't apply... It looks like he already has a useragent change patch or something that the script is getting stuck on...
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    seems as though its either not patched (as he's attempting to uninstall it) or was patched by another user agent patch to me....

    Since you are trying to remove the patch, I assume because your trying to get your app catalog to work correct?

    If so, reboot the touchpad and try the app catalog. If it works then you have already removed the patch. If not, then I suggest you goto and check your user agent and go from there. May give you a clue as to what it was patched to...

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