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    What to do when the back up does not work and I get a failure message on the touch pad?
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    What to do when the back up does not work and I get a failure message on the touch pad?
    have you downloaded the update to the app cat? open your 'system updates' and see if you got that update to the app cat that i think is what's providing our 'root cert' something or other that maintains connectivity to webOS cloud. i read about it here after i got this update and was like 'oh, that's what that was'.

    or try a full reboot, and make sure you have a good internet connection. could have been 'server maintenance' time too. but reboots cure a lot of weirdness. good luck!
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    oh and don't forget that save/restore app is a good alternate backup plan, so i've read anyway. i don't have it but i'm not too worried about a crash because the google profile is my default, not the palm profile.
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    If you add patch's etc through Preware then Save/Restore is an absolute must - along with saving the within Preware itself. You must then save these backups to your PC so you can copy them back to the TP to restore your personal settings and patches to a semi decent working state.

    Not much use to you now though :-(

    The root cert kicks in on 23rd I believe so you have 1 week to get the TP working before this causes any more problems!
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    23rd of July, but you should be able to update afterwards as well
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    My backup stops working since June last year.

    But so far haven't experience any problem that require restoring the backup.

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