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    When PIC releases their ACL, I would like to do a complete factory reset.
    I thought the webOS Doctor could do this, but the last time I doctor my TP I wondered why a few gigabytes are missing; Well, the Doc simply ignored my android partition. And I'm not really sure wether there is some Linux partition around from an ubuntu try...

    So, is there a possibility to make a real factory reset?

    Greets, pattyland

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    There's a thread somewhere on how a user improperly deleted their android install and lost a significant amount of space. I think it was GMMan that helped him out, and the thread mentions him using Tailor to a good or bad result.

    I may look for it in a few hours after I get some sleep. I think the thread was from around november of last year and it is definitely in the Touchpad subforum, so maybe you can just look for it there. It also mentions something called acme android uninstall or a similar name, but the tool only works when the android partition still exists in unaltered form

    I think the fix was to manually set all drive partitions to default sizes and then doctor...
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    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    I already un- and reinstalled my Cyanogenmod a few times, with the ACMEunistaller it's a simple single command.

    But I wonder why there isn't a real solution from HP....

    When I installed iDroid on my iPod Touch, I don't need to do anything more than a restore with iTunes to make a factory reset. No chance for any partition/customization to survive that.

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    I recall reading that the 3.0.0 Doctor does repartitioning, while newer Doctors don't. So you might want to try 3.0.0 Doctor and then update to 3.0.5?
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    Thanks for the tip with the 3.0.0 doctor! Looks the same is says here

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    Quote Originally Posted by pattyland View Post
    Thanks for the tip with the 3.0.0 doctor! Looks the same is says here

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    Yes I know I read it somewhere, either here or on XDA when I struggled with the same problem after playing around with Android on my TP

    It MIGHT be possible to create a Meta Doctor for 3.0.5 which would do the same, but never looked into that to be honest

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