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    Hey Everyone....Using a HP touchscreen...and tried to download the Device Info app from the HP App Catalog, to find out what version of webOS I am using which may help you to resolve my problem (but its not listed??)

    I've just spent the last few hours reading through forums and message board to try and resolve my problem.

    I'm trying to download the top link on this page...CyanogenMod Downloads which should allow me to run android on the touchscreen.

    When I try to open the .zip file I get the 'cant open an mime' apparently this means the file isnt supported by the touchsreen. So I am trying to download an app which will allow me to open a ZIP file.

    I see the 'Archive Manager' listed for a few bob, but I dont want to d/l it just yet incase it doesnt work my with version of WebOS, also I seen alot of old online chat about Jason Robitaille writing an ArchiveXtractor app which allows you to open zip files....but I cant find it anywhere...Also what about Internalz?

    Is the only way around this to plug the touchpad into the computer and copy over the un-zipped files...will this work? I also dont have a usb connection on the touchpag

    Thanks for any replies
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    I think you'll need to do the Android installation from a PC.

    But if you just want to look inside a zip archive and extract the files, Commander is a great free tool that will do that and much more in the way of file operations. It should be on every TouchPad.

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