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    Hi all! I'm having a lot of trouble with the app catalog at the moment; every time I try and go in to the app catalog's preferences I get an error message. I tried erasing my touchpad and trying again and I think I know what the problem is: the app catalog is not letting me choose a region and is therefore defaulting to 'other' (since you can't download paid apps under 'other', it'd make sense that you can't get in to billing settings).

    So I tried full resetting my touchpad for a second time but every time I open the app catalog, it shows the 'choose region' page loading but goes to terms and conditions instead, and when I agree to the terms, it completely skips over the option to choose my region. I also tried declining them to see if it would take me to the 'choose region' page but it just closes the app.

    If someone could help me, that'd be great! Because I am thoroughly confused.

    (Also, sorry if this isn't the proper forum for my question!~)
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    If you find the user GMMan on this forum, he has a link to his App Catalog country changer tool in his signature... I'll in fact look for it now..
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    I found him! Thank you.

    Rats, that didn't fix the problem! The patch worked and I was able to choose my region but I still can't access "preferences and accounts" (the error message says "The action could not be completed. Please try again later").

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Does anyone have any ideas at all? I've tried rebooting, changing regions, full reseting, but nothing seems to work.
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    No trouble on my side,

    You didn't mention where you are... maybe someone in your area might have something productive to offer...?
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    any luck fixing your problem? I am having the same problem.

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