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    I posted something similar to this nearly two years ago. But for all the sad things that have happened since August two years ago, the combination of the TouchPad and these accessories really is a dream to use. So great and efficient and just working well together. As many around here know I have GHIa and using the BT keyboard when I know I will be sitting down at a desk makes use of the TouchPad so much better. Even though it looks like I will most likely be changing my daily driver phone some time this summer. The TouchPad will still being seeing heavy use from me.

    So sad that what should have been such an awesome ecosystem of devices was killed by Leo. So sad the board tossed Mark Hurd out before he could ever see his dreams realized. Where is my webOS desktop, webOS carputer, and webS TV interacting with my fifth iteration of the Pre and my TouchPad III.

    So sad, but I do love this freaking keyboard and happy I got my hands on two of them, the TouchPad and various phones and touchstones.
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    I'm still lacking the keyboard and charger for mine (shhhh... don't tell anyone!!)
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    I got charger with initial bundle purchase from QVC, one KB at full price (couldn't't find a cheaper BT KB at Fry's) and one KB and one Touchstone during insanity AKA firesale.
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    I got the TouchPad and Touchstone on day one, then a week or so later grabbed the keyboard.

    I agree, the future looked so promising in the very beginning. Touch to share was something I was so looking forward to. I picked up a Veer for my daughter and was anticipating getting a Pre 3 through AT&T with hopes of using them to take advantage of the Touch to Share feature that never materialized.

    I've moved on to Windows Phone but I still, to this day, sing the praises of webOS and express my desire to one day have webOS-powered mobile devices on the market. I'd drop whatever OS I'm using at that moment for webOS.
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    I picked up the Touchstone and keyboard right after the fire sale and agree that they are great. I remember that Christmas we traveled to see family and I set up my Touchstone, tablet and keyboard in the hotel room and barely missed my home computer at all. Everyone who saw it commented on what a nice little setup it was. Shame that things turned out as they did and I dread ever needing to replace my Touchpad and losing that charger.
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    Hey just wanted to share a positive here. I ended up working ith a Charity to use one of my many HP touchpads as a perfect device for a person with a disability. Seemed the touchpad with the touchstone is a perfect combination. Also Webos easy to use with email and (Skpe) being two of the mainstays. We also loaded Jellybean to expand the ability of the tablet thus overall beating anything the Ipad could have offered. We evaluated many tablets (android) and found them not be as good of an overall solution also. Even the bluetooth keyboard is easier to with this tablet than others.
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    The Touchpad Keyboard is a superb piece of ergonomic hardware, it and the Apple BT iPad keyboard are among the best I've ever used...large buttons, small footprint.

    Axim X51v, HTC X7501, HP Touchpad, iPad 2, BB Playbook, iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation

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