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    Ok, this is a weird one. On my wife's touchpad I loaded up almost 480 photos in a folder. Everything looks ok until just before the indexer is complete (somewhere around 450+ photos) when all of a sudden every picture in that folder shows up in the photo app as double. Is there a limit to the number of photos in a folder or handled by the indexer? BTW, all the photos were given a timestamp prefix YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS_<original name>, extracted from the EXIF data, so they show up in creation time order.

    This problem is 100% repeatable if I:
    * Rename the folder to be hidden (prefix it with a period).
    * Restart the touchpad (the indexer deletes all photos)
    * Unhide the folder (remove the period)
    * Viola! Bring up the photo app and It ends up with duplicated photos.
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    There may be a limit in the indexer before it starts losing the plot and cycling on itself?
    I don't know what that limit is, but you may have found it!
    Are they large (per) image files?

    If you have the pics backed up elsewhere, you could try this (which also effectively starts indexing from scratch again).
    It *may* work for you.
    I have found it effective when all photos 'disappear' altogether!

    1). Run Internalz Pro.
    2). Delete: - ' /var/luna/data/filenotify.db3 '
    3). Reboot the device
    4). Start Photo App.
    ( + "..Take a Photo - click on the preview to view - Close Camera -
    Close & Re-open Photo app.. " if nec.)
    5). Photos *should* now begin re-loading/re-indexing.
    6). Possibly reboot again.

    It may take while, so be patient!

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