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    When SSHed into my Touchpad, even when it is plugged in to AC, the random lag is pretty annoying. Any way to stop this from occurring?
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    I don't know about the touchpad, but I know that most ssh lags during login have to do with reverse DNS timeouts. I know that you can turn these off in the sshd.conf file.
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    Your avatar is awesome.

    I don't think that's the issue. I have other machines on my network, some wireless, that I SSH into and from and this never occurs. Aside from that, I have local DNS up and every host on my network resolves both forward and backward. The video linked below is an example of what happens. Note from the very start of the video I began typing; that's just how long it took for 'df' to appear.
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    Why not use Novaterm? It'll also work. If you have the webOS SDK installed, you can also access the regular SSH server on localhost:10022 when the device is connected to your computer. I typically don't use SSH over WiFi because mine tends to waver in and out and cause lots of lag.
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    I use SSH to and from other wireless devices with no trouble -- some of them MUCH less powerful than the TP. Why is it just the TP that has problems? Why is it I think I saw a patch to fix this in Preware at some point?
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    The WiFi implementation on the TouchPad isn't perfect. That's all I can offer. What SSH server are you using?
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    The one included with webOS. I don't think I changed anything from the defaults. SSHing OUT from the Touchpad is fine with zero lag.
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    By the way, wireless performance on the TP overall isn't that bad. I've tested it with iperf a few times with no major issues. Nothing that would explain this, anyway.
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    I personally use OpenSSH. I like having SFTP, which Dropbear doesn't support. Can't really tell you about performance with that.
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    So opt-ipkg openssh? I assumed webOS used OpenSSH by default.
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    Sure. I just follow the SSH guide on the WebOS Internals wiki.
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    So I finally got around to investigating this and I'm already using OpenSSH.

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