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    ustream ads seem to be getting through and i have preware and adblocker installed

    any recommendations to stop them?
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    Ask the person that developed the adblocker plugin to update their block list? Getting it right is practically a full-time job in itself; just ask the keepers of the existing blocklists for AdBlock Plus and the like.
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    when you look at adblock plus on android it makes reference to its source lists it uses to merge together

    combine all those and insert/merge/replace your /etc/hosts file with the contents of every file above and you will be more up to date, that or just take the /etc/hosts file from an android device thats using adaway or similar and copy to your webOS device.

    worth a try.
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    @geekpeter, thanks for the effort
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    i tried replacing my normal hosts file with a combined variant from the links above, it ends up jumping from 500k or so, to 3mb ish.

    i was wondering/looking at the firefox plugin "element hiding for adblock plus" and was wondering if that can somehow be shoehored into our touchpads in some form or hosts file, its pretty useful on desktop for removing huge chunks of webpage elements that you dont like or want. Hell even if i can just copy over my desktops results it would be pretty useful as ive got mine hiding massive amounts of what i consider wasted or badly used screen space.

    it adds "somewhere?" entries like

    etc, which looks nothing like what i see in a "normal" hosts file.
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    Thanks for replies

    can someone please post an easy howto on updating the hosts file with new block list?

    Or maybe someone can create a new adblocker update?
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    I...don't see this happening. Unless you contact the original developer and they agree to do it, I would consider this a dead plugin. There are simply too few devs around here anymore, and even fewer interested in picking up the pieces of others' work to support what's left of the webOS userbase.

    Most of the devs that remain are working on much larger things to keep the platform itself alive.
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    Open /etc/hosts with an editor and add these lines

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    Took a few minutes of my time to update the patch. I've taken Jason's original file, added the 3 files listed above, removed duplicates and created a new patch I didn't have time to try it yet, but I believe it should work

    I'll submit to Preware as well
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