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    Hi there,

    yesterday, I have doctored my Touchpad. Mainly in order to get rid of the DB Bug discussed in this thread.

    So I download the doctor and applied it (i followed the instructions issued by HP). The Bug dissappeard (for now), but I expected the doctor to wipe the entire device. Instead, it

    - left all my data (music, pictures and so on) on the touchpad [I did not expect this, so I did a backup, needlessly^^]
    - reinstalled all apps (along with ones I have uninstalled month ago and even apps that are only installed on my Pre3) [some sort of bug?]
    - but deleted all of the homebrew apps and patches [as expected]
    - resetted all of my preferences (like screen brightness, system sounds,...) even the installer said it would restore theme

    Is the doctor supposed to work like this? If so, can you help me understand what it does and what not?
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    Doctoring ones device does a lot of things, depending on the device...

    If you use a stock doctor (jar file from HP/PALM), it will look at the device, compare the tokens of the device with the doctor file and if they are compatible it will then check a few things...

    Palm Support : Using HP webOS Doctor

    First is mounts /media and wipes .palm (which is where all the apps are stored in a crypto file system)...

    Then it checks it's internal XML file and compares the partitions it wants to the ones you have, say you have 256M for a partition it wants it will shrink the media partition, expand the 256M to 512M (or what ever it wants), then it unshrinks the media partition when it is done...

    Depending on the health of the LVM (Logical Volume Manager) partition and the partitions underneath, it could wipe the media partition, it may not, backup is never a needless thing, it is valuable to make sure you keep what you want...

    Now once the partitions are created and formatted (/media might not be wiped), it then mounts all file systems into a temporary partition, and then uses a zip like tool (called TAR), and restores a stock file system to the partitions, this would be /boot, / (which is root), /var, etc... now all of the configuration information is stored in /var (which is normally wiped during this process).

    Once the doctor is done it compares the doctor's image (tar) to what it now on the device (integcheck) if it passes then it reboots, if it fails depending on the fail, it might re-attempt a re-image, or report why it failed...

    Once rebooted it is stock restore process which will restore all apps installed (even if you wiped them it will restore all apps that are associated to your profile) as long as the device is approved for that app. The apps installed on a device is independent of the profile so if you have many devices on your profile, but you have only install that app on one device it is restore during this process...

    Now what is backup/restored...

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Sprint - Using Backup

    Palm Support : Using Backup

    There is a homebrew app (save/restore) which allows one to backup preferences of certain applications and then restore them...

    There are some databases/cookies that also get restored during restore process but not all...
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