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    There are some threads saying that the photo order is different but I am not sure if it the same for screen captures?

    I have taken quite a number of screen captures on my device. One day, while checking the folders using the default viewer, I discovered that a good number of them are not being displayed based on their dates they are taken. The top 10 most recent ones got shifted to the middle of the group. The most recent ones should be at the top, don't they? I rememebered force-shutting (holding the power and home button) the device with the app open though. Could this be a cause?

    Secondly, sometimes when I open the default photo viewer, the Miscellaneous folder appears BEFORE the Screen Captures folder when my last activity is in the Screen Captures folder. Normally it would be the folder where I added/deleted a file appearing to the first in line. What could be wrong?

    Thanks all. I am concerned at what could be causing these issues. Call me paranoid, but could all these strange happenings suggestthat a hhacker might be opening/transferring files over-the-air, this causing these rearrangement. I could only think of this possibility for the changes in the files please don't bash me for my ignorance if it sounds absurd. Just real worried.
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    Not sure what's causing your issue, but if it helps you sleep better I can at least say it's highly unlikely your phone's been hacked.

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