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    So I started using WebOS for first time in awhile, added my Google Account and my contacts and calendar are being pulled down perfectly. Problem is that I cannot get or send Gmail or Yahoo. I manually hit the refresh button and no Gmail populates. I try to send an email and it just sits on the outbox. I was able to add my work email using Microsoft Exchange... but can't get anything else to work. Calendars and Contacts with Google works, just not the mail.
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    When you setup your email I am assuming it is setup as "gmail" and not "IMAP"? I only ask because I have seen that in the past, other than that I am of no help.

    I can say for months now my push on gmail has been lagging and no clue why, my wifes Pre2 is fine and my Pre3 used to be perfect. Honestly I haven't spent any time really diagnosing, so it could be something as simple as removing and readding accounts.

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