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    I live in Egypt and while the Touchpad has a setting for my timezone (EEST), it does not account for the fact that we do not follow daylight savings time here, so the clock is an hour ahead. So why not just pick a timezone an hour behind? Well, that doesn't stop the Touchpad from changing between DST and standard time twice a year. Setting the time manually is fine, but I like network time since it prevents drift. Yeah it's a minor thing, but something I want to fix nonetheless.

    Is there any way to fix this?
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    I don't have my TP with me but I thought I remembered seeing this option somewhere, even in the US we have locations that don't do DST (maybe it was another device though). Anyone have any ideas to help the OP?
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    There's no option for that in the GUI, but I'm thinking it should be modifiable under the hood. Matter of fact . . . let me check on that because it's probably using tzdata like any other Linux distribution.
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    Are you sure the location set in the Date/Time app corresponds to your current location? Chances are there's a city close to you yet doesn't follow DST in the list. I'm sure DST is not applied globally.
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    All of Egypt is on EEST (+2 GMT) and does not follow DST.

    Strangely . . . I swapped /usr/share/zoneinfo with my Linux box running Debian Squeeze. In that case the Cairo time was behind TWO hours! WTF.

    With the Debian zonefiles still in place I tried Istanbul, which is also EEST but follows DST. It behaved correctly and displayed Istanbul's correct local time -- which is one hour ahead of Egypt since they follow DST.

    Still no dice with Cairo. I guess I'll play around some more.
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    Heh, go figure.

    I copied JUST the file /usr/share/zoneinfo/Africa/Cairo from my OS X 10.6.8 install to the Touchpad. Now the time is fine. The Debian version probably would have worked too if I didn't copy the entire zonefile directory.
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    Awesome glad you got it fixed, even if it was a kinda crazy fix

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