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    Am I the only person who has a problem with the display of books in the Kindle app on the Touchpad? Paragraph indents ( and any inset or centered txt / images) are much too far to the right. This happens with books bought from Amazon and mobi files side-loaded with the Import app. Otherwise the app works pretty well - I'm just surprised to see no other mention of this issue in the forums or online - and really wondering if it is something particular to my own Touchpad...but a friend who has a 32 gig model says he experiences the same thing.

    With Calibre I can use the indent setting at 0.1 and that makes paragraphs look alright, but centered text or other inset text or images are still pushed to the right.

    Is there a setting in the app or maybe in Calibre that I'm missing?

    Any help appreciated.
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    Has the app ever come out of beta. I have version 0.11.499820. Is there a later version than this? I have no problems with books brought from Amazon. I'm in the UK so can't check for updates easily.
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    I just looked at a few of my Kindle books and the indents are different for different books. For my friend who self published, the paragraph indents are almost to the middle of the screen. For Da Vinci Code, they are about 8 spaces in, and for another book they are only about 5 spaces in.

    I think it may depend on what program the book was written in originally, how those indents get changed.
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    Thanks for the replies - all the books I've tried so far have the almost half-way indent. Interesting to hear that some with different formatting display more to the left. I guess it is good to know that it is the software and not a problem with my unit in particular. Too bad there has never been a release past the Beta. So far my only option is to convert with Calibre and set the indent to 0.1. Not the end of the world...


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