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    I just got Touchpad 4G 32GB to go with my Veer, and the App Catalog won't let me enter my country information. I bought the TP from a U.S. seller (in Mountain View, CA).

    I'm getting the PMT03043 error when I try to buy an app, and "The action could not be completed. Try again later." I'd like to keep the TP and the Veer on the same profile for convenience. Can anybody help?

    The steps I have taken are:

    1) Broke HP seals on box, unwrapped TP, put it on the Touchstone

    2) Booted TP, logged into WebOS Account (I have a Veer as well, running WebOS 2.1.2), I'm in the U.S.

    3) Played around a bit, blah blah blah, re-booted. No Doctor, no Preware, no Dev mode

    4) Decided to buy SmartOffice. Got a PMT03043 error. Same problem with other paid apps. Tried to check on credit card, got "The action could not be completed", App Catalog stuck.

    5) Checked App Catalog on the same profile on Veer, works just fine.

    6) Looked on webosnation, realize it's something to do with country code. Backup, erase apps & data, reboot, reload apps and data, try again.

    7) App Catalog shows me "Select Country" screen, but it's behind the spinning disk so I can't select. Then it goes on and loads the catalog without letting me select. Same problem as before.

    8) Repeat steps 6 and 7. Same problem.

    9) Repeat steps 6 and 7, except do a full erase and reload only apps, not data. Same problem--I don't get to select the country.

    10) Give up, start new thread on WebOSNation.

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    No ideas?

    I tried re-setting the country code with the Country Code Changer, but still the same problem.

    I suppose I'll have to Doctor it.
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    doctoring is a good first bet with a second hand device tbh.
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    Doctoring fixed it right up.
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