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    Just make a collection and share it with you:
    It is nice to run multiple tasks in a single app, and Glimpse steps up to handle this in style. Glimpse can have as many as 5 panes open at once, each running a different task to show the most information on a screen possible. Glimpse includes a number of widgets to run in these panes that handle common tasks, like Twitter, Google Reader, regular RSS feeds and even a web browser. Users can configure as many panes as desired from the full palette available.
    50GB of free storage? Sounds crazy, but true. All you gotta do is download the app and set up a free account for working with all of that free cloud storage a breeze.

    For those of you who like to blog on the go, the WordPress app gives you all the capabilities of the popular blogging software on your tablet. WebOS's multitasking capabilities let the WordPress app give you the ability to quickly swipe through managing, editing and browsing your content on multiple panels.

    Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    Need for Speed is the premiere series of mobile driving games, and Hot Pursuit adds something a lot of the other versions have missed. You can play as a cop or a “racer” pursuing illegal drivers or trying to evade the police. Action is smooth and good-looking on the TouchPad, and you steer with the accelerometer.

    Amazon Kindle
    What's HP TouchPad without a Kindle app? TouchPad syncs with your existing Kindle library and lets you search for text, mark pages, and check your notes.

    VideoFlood HD
    The Touchpad is perfect for watching video. Video Flood HD is a great way to do that. This app provides access to online video shows, network TV shows, podcasts and movies. The interface is simple and makes the large amount of available video shows very accessible. It is a great way to spend some unexpected free time with your tablet.
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    nice list....

    for me its

    Exhibition>for Glimpse and IAmA Reddit Homebrew
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    (all/heaps of homebrew too numerous to list so heres a few of my most used)
    Ubuntu Chroot
    Enyo Network Drive Mapper

    Non Homebrew
    Advanced Browser
    Internet Radio HD Pro
    Music Player Remix
    Project Macaw/Graphite
    Kalemsoft Media Player
    Beeb News
    All The Devices Synergy Services

    Not listing games as i have far far too many (interestingly enough i have vastly more games on my touchpad and even pre3 than i do on any of my 4 android devices or ipad3 which i find amazingly weird as the latter have more games/apps in general. Probably dont like them as their often filled with malware/junk/garbage or just dont work)
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    Well it shows the difference in users for the Touchpad for people...(As I'm not a twitter or such person)

    For me, it's more the things that the Touchpad should have already built in...

    Advanced Browser
    Photo Effect
    Kalemsoft Media Player
    Touchvol (Preware)
    Google Maps (Preware)
    Splashtop remote
    WIFI file sharing (Preware)
    Voice Recorder
    Gemini File Manager

    The good to have
    Picsel Smart Office
    Dr.Battery (Preware)

    Patches from Preware
    Make Advanced Browser the default browser


    Casual play
    Tower Wars
    Glow Hockey
    Azkend 1 and 2
    AW Solitaire

    Higher level-graphics
    Grave defence
    Radiant Defence
    No Gravity
    Ground effect
    Mini Golf Wachy Worlds
    3d Pool Master
    Serpent of Isis

    In no particular order and they are all great games, plus many others, but these would be my recommendations.

    Get a Touchpad loaded up with these and most would be set for a long while... only those that need to do social media should need to add Facebook and the other RSS feed and twitter stuff.

    I still don't see why I'd even want to bother with any other tablet...
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    Palm M105 > M130 > Zire 71 > Zire 72 >TX > Lifedrive > Pre > Pre2 >Touchpad > Pre3(8GB) > Pre3 (16GB)
    I see a pattern...
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    For me its like this:

    Social / News
    Project Macaw

    Wifi file sharing
    Network Drives (enyo drive mapper)
    Google maps

    Astraware word & MahJong
    Quell HD
    N64 and SNES emulators

    photo effects
    Zap photoshare
    Isis Browser

    Kalemsoft media player
    Tunein Radio
    Music Player Remix
    (i loved wWEube as well but it seems to have become abandonware sadly)

    Im sure there's a couple Ive missed, but use most of these on a daily basis.
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    Quick Office


    OWOS Notes (Preware)

    Isis Browser.

    Smart Office

    PSP Emulator (pspforwebos)
    Verizon Pre 3. ATT HP Touchpad. Touchstone 2.
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    How do you get the Kindle app on the TouchPad?
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    I take back justdraw. I spent 20 minutes drawing something up and it forced a reboot on my touchpad. Also doesn't auto save. *rage building*
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    For me;
    -synergy services
    -splash remote

    -beyond ynth
    -glow hockey
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    My Favorites page has:

    Splashtop Remote - useful on rare occasions, can remote Netflix from my desktop in a pinch
    Kalemsoft Media Player - the MVP of video players for TouchPad, essential
    BHome Pro - DLNA streaming combined with Kalemsoft Media Player
    Apollo - for Pandora (but I also use Pandora Tablet, just as good really)
    Zite - best news browser
    TB File Transfer (needs PC app as well) - simple but effective wireless file transfer
    Commander - essential file management utility for the TP
    AgendaZ - for the Exhibition Mode calendar
    Picsel Smart Office - for the better pdf viewer, and displays some spreadsheets better than QuickOffice
    Google Maps - great preware app as an alternative to HP's Bing maps
    Slide RSS - if you want to use the TP on Touchstone for photo RSS slide show from remote source
    Slideshow Presentation - can't be beat for displaying a local photo slide show
    Canuck TV - some links don't work any more, but good for others (and a lot easier to use than Video Flood)
    pReader - essential preware app for reading epubs

    The only patch I have installed is the one to improve the stock QuickOffice Adobe pdf reader, which can sometimes read a pdf that Picsel chokes on, but it's seriously flawed by a memory leak.

    On the PC side, 3 essentials:
    Touch2PCPrinter - server to allow the TP to print wirelessly to a PC printer
    WebOSQuickInstall - essential installer/updater for non-app-store apps
    TBTransfer - server for TBTransfer wireless file transfer

    There are many other apps and games I use occasionally, and some good news apps for some of my local news sources, but I haven't bothered listing them because I consider them too specialized to be of general interest or only rarely useful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenlcroucher View Post
    How do you get the Kindle app on the TouchPad?
    Just some threads I have found using the search function, but not read in detail:
    Pre≥ (iPhone 4), TouchPad 32 GB (PlayBook 16 GB)
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    Just call me Berd.

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