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    Work laptop has wi-fi and Bluetooth disabled, so I wondered is it possible to connect the Touchpad to the laptop via USB and use the Laptops internet connection?
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    I don't think I have ever seen anyone do this, but I could be wrong.
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    look around for reverse tethering, webosinternals have an oldish writeup on the subject, i used an altered version of theirs which only partly worked on my pre3, something went wrong and i couldnt ping either machine from each other, which is a problem i had when trying the same on android which i eventually fixed.

    maybe someone else can pitch in if they managed it recently, if not ill be having another play myself as well, be aware if it doesnt work, dont try the same on android either, it only partly works for apps fhat dont check for a wifi/phone data connection which isnt very many. The bulk of androids apps including their app store refuse to see or acknowledge the usb connection even exists and insist on wifi or data conn.

    for now tho, google for webosjnternals reverse tether, their page shows how to enable usbnet, configure both pc and mobile device and hopefully get things rolling and who knows maybe someone can pitch in with some updated info as i only tried this myself unsuccessfully 2 days ago.

    quick link :
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    ok im using the exact same methods for android and webOS now to link back to my PC, android works (tho hardly any apps recognise the link except some browsers), on android as soon as i use the command....

    route add -net default gw usb0 or route add default gw

    this works on android i can ping ip addresses/webpages, on webOS however i cant ping anything, so atm im kinda stumped as to what else i need to do on the webOS side to make it work.

    still trying and failing for now.
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