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    Hello, my daughter's touchpad no longer charges on a touchstone.

    We have 4 touchpads in the family and the others work on her touchstone, just hers doesn't. I did the "tap it on the back" trick which worked a few times, but no longer.

    My guess is the induction coil either broke or came loose.

    Question is, can the coil be fixed or if necessary, replaced? Are there instructions anywhere on how to do so? I'm ready to give it a shot, just need to know if it can be done before I crack it open. Also, can a replacement coil be purchased, and if so, from where?

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    I'm sure the charging coils can be replaced, as I've seen a number of Touchstone mods with the Touchpad. Don't know anything for sure though. Here's a video guide to help you open up the Touchpad.

    That should help you get to the coil. If a tap helps fix the issue, then it's most likely just a little loose and needs some readjusting.

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