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    Recently installed CM9 on my TouchPad (dual boot, WebOS - Android 4.04)
    Was working properly until yesterday.
    In CM9, wireless network shows up, device connects but says no internet available.
    rebooting in CM9 doesn't fix problem. Rebooting in WebOS, internet functionality returns.
    any setting I may be overlooking in CM9?
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    Currently waiting for a co-worker to show up so's I can try her cell phone hot spot. That was working a day ago.
    Incidentally, my wife's laptop was getting internet when I was futzing with my TouchPad.
    My TP is also showing no ip address when I look in settings.

    UPDATE: Was able to connect using co-worker's cell phone hot spot. It took a few tries, turning on & off the tablet's wifi. & the cell phone's wifi hot spot. Eventually it connected.
    I'll try resetting the modem/router at home. This was one of the suggestions in some similar threads.

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