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  1.    #1 the past couple of days, some of my favorite websites give me a pop-up that starts like this--

    "your browser and/or version is not supported" with the major browsers and recent version numbers as suggested upgrades.

    ...after clicking 'OK'...the window disappears but then comes back

    This is a new message to this daily two-touchpad owner.

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    It's annoying, because the Touchpad browser still clearly IS good enough to display the vast majority of website! BBC iPlayer in the UK was a recent culprit of this.

    The good news is that in Preware, there are a few patches available that fool those websites into thinking that you're actually running something else. I used the Chrome Desktop patch to fix my iPlayer woes, and it works very well. Search for "User Agent Override".

    webOS-Patches Web Portal

    If you haven't installed Preware, just search online for how to do so; it's easy by requires a desktop computer to install (one-off).
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    I'm having a problem that may or may not be related to yours - in the past week when I have tried to download files (for instance, from my DropBox) it brings up a separate browser window, but then it won't let me download. It just keeps cycling and won't allow it.

    Also, my Picsel Smartoffice won't access DropBox at all - any ideas, anyone?

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