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    How I fixed my Touchpad Touchpanel…

    The Touchpad uses a CY8CTMA395 and CY8CTMA375 First Touch chipset to recognize the touches on the display. During a webOS Doctor the firmware was in the middle of flashing when the Touchpad USB port was disconnected from the computer…

    So the Touchpanel chipset was now corrupt, the Touchpad would not see it (it is on i2c bus 5), it would not allow a reprogram on the touchpad, so PmTpUpdater –f would fail…

    To fix one had to get to the chipset and research, research I did, discovered the chipset used and the way to program it… spent several nights tracing the pins to create a JTAG interface, using a cypress miniprog3, under JTAG it would recognize the chip, but I could not flash the chip it could not acquire the port.

    Next attempt (Serial Wire Debug), while connected to the Touchpad, flashed the firmware… went to the touchpad rebooted. The TouchPanel was seen by the touchpad. Forced a PmTpUpdater –f and it re-flashed the chipset. Now 100% working again…

    I know there are other’s that have had issue with a Touchpanel on other devices, I cannot promise anything, but if one wanted to fix their device, I would be happy to assist anyone.

    As I have purchased the MiniProg3, which is not cheap, I would charge $10 to fix (shipping to me and back to you not included).
    PM me if you need help...
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    I was having a similar experience with the touchscreen firmware. I just kept trying the PmTpUpdater –f every 10 minutes or so over the course of an hour (rebooting after every few tries or so). It seemed to be getting further and further in the process. It finally went through. No need to even take the TP apart.
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