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    I've just compiled pocketsphinx (speech recognizer) for my touchpad and putted it an app. I tought I would share it with you, so here it's.
    It's basically just a combination off the MediaCapture sample (from Palm), the Fortunecookie sample (from Palm, BSD license) and pocketsphinx_batch (BSD license).
    I used the standard models and grammer. They can easily be changed by putting the models in the service directory (/media/cryptofs/ ) and changing argFile.txt.
    I don't know why, but it isn't working great ... This might be the record quality of my touchpad, the models or just my pronunciation. If anyone has an idea, please share.
    The source can be found here.
    The IPK can be found here (it's 27MB because of the size of the models).

    P.s. - sorry for the messy coding, this is my first webOS app.
    P.s. 2 - I'm not really sure this is the good forum to post this, if it isn't, please move it over.
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    Maybe you need to post that in the development section.
    On another hand I installed the app and couldn't make it to recognize anything.
    It just kind of hangs on recognizing part and does nothing.

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