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    I haven't used it since i got it 2 years ago. I want to start using it.

    1. What are some must
    download apps? (Two years ago, I recall a app thing I download and in it, there were more apps. If you hook it up to a computer, it was free and it could be downloaded via catalogue but we had to pay.)

    -So my question is, what app is that and how do I download it?
    - What are some great apps I can download?

    ( I am a student. I want to write on the touchpad. I want to open a pdf and draw and take notes. I also want to watch videos avi rmvb etc etc. )

    What other great apps? and maybe great apps for students? Is there a chinese input app ( I want to write chinese and turn it into chracters? ) Thanks

    2. I use the internet at my school. To log in, we use our ID and password. Everytime I enter it, it won't let me go on.

    Thank you soooooo very much!
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    there are both free and paid apps in the standard catalog.

    you should install Preware to get more apps and customization options. This is installed via webOSQuickInstaller via your computer. Just search these forums for the how to guide.
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    At the top of the touchpad forum, there is a sticky called getting started with touchpad which will walk you thru installing homebrew and setting up your touchpad.

    Check out this article for how to get a siri like voice app to control the touchpad in chinese:
    After you download the app, would love to hear your review

    There is a home-brew patch to change the keyboard to different characters, i bet you can get one with chinese characters, check that getting started thread link above to find it

    App recommendations:
    KalemSoft Media Player in app catalog for various video formats

    TapNote in app catalog for taking notes and you can email the note (notes HD ap integrates with google docs)

    For drawing: there was an app called nuttypad but it may still be in beta, google these forums and write to the developer ; There is some free app called sparkle doodle in the app catalog, not sure how good it is

    To view pdfs, I would get picsel smartoffice app in app catalog as it has a good pdf viewer, better than quick office.

    Or once you install webosquickinstall and get familiar with homebrew (see that getting started thread), you can read this thread below and try the homebrew pdf viewer:

    On webos I mostly use these apps:
    glimpse--awesome app which combines multiple apps into one card including twitter, browser, weather, stocks, i don't know if it is still available in the app catalog. email the dev for glimpse devs cut version
    wifi file sharing --homebrew app for which you can wirelessly drag and drop touchpad files to laptop and vice versa

    More app recommendations:
    advanced browser--has tabs
    zinio--for reading magazines
    songid--to identify songs (its like a shazaam app)
    USB flash mount otg--this is a homebrew app: you can mount usb devices to touchpad (ie flash drives) if you get this app and otg cord and also the right self powered hub (i use a solar powered hub)
    rockus sound machine--nice music to sleep by
    podcatcher deluxe--can get podcasts
    audobon trees or wildflowers--nice nature guides
    flightpredictor hd-- for airplane flights
    bhome--dlna file sharing
    internalz pro (homebrew) or gemini file manager (app catalog) for file management for hooking into for server storage of files
    npr reader
    sparrow or project mccaw for twitter unless you use the built-in app in glimpse
    splashtop--will let you log into your computer remotely

    for homebrew:
    i installed webos quick install (google it), which let me install preware which is file installer for homebrew files.
    I then installed webos ports LunaCE 4.9.X which is a new interface for webOs (read about it in preware)

    webOS was ahead of its time in many ways but the OS is unfinished in many ways. I'm not sure why you cannot connect to your university.

    There does not exist an app in webOS for actually writing on a pre-existing pdf file. If you want to do that, you can dual-boot ubuntu (there is a thread which will walk you thru the install with automated scripts and preware will help you with the programs needed as well and there is a ubuntu program which will automatically install called Xournal which will let you annotate pdfs. Also firefox and chromium will be installed and it is possible that you will be able to log onto your university from those browsers in the ubuntu install.

    If you want to watch netflix, instead of installing ubuntu, you can dual-boot android (google the forums). There should also be a pdf annotating app in android.

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    The Picsel Smart Office PDF Reader isn't fantastic with images though. Also, there are patches for the Quickoffice/Adobe PDF reader that do help a lot. The main issue I find is running out of memory with large PDF magazines.

    Also - if you don't mind spending a little cash, instead of USB Flash Mount OTG have a look here for wireless USB as an option

    But the best asset is the community here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeN68 View Post

    But the best asset is the community here.
    Truer words have never been spoken.
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    Install Governah and set to uberkernal Ondemand1720.

    Google maps home brew is great.

    Shortcut Apps is great making custom icons with links to specific files (pdf. mp3) or websites.

    Also, you need to edit the Adobe Acrobat to enable table of contents.

    Install a few patches such as the ones to stop the logging, private web browsing, and possible changing the identification of the web browser to specific sites.

    Splashtop works well in accessing your PC.

    For games, WORMS.
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