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    Hello All:
    [Guide] Factory condition restoration / Downgrade to webOS 3.0.0
    followed above guide.
    all went well in reformatting section.
    went to enter recovery mode in order to run webos doctor and got the low battery warning.
    charged tablet 100%.
    went back into recovery mode and now webos doctor can not connect to device.
    also tried to connect through novacom and novaterm and neither one can connect to device.
    need help, any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMMan View Post
    Does it boot?
    yes and I even got in with nova term again.
    I am looking now for webos doctor 3.0.0. all the copies I find don't have the executable file I need in them, I found one yesterday but cant remember where I found it, could it be the version of java I am using should I drop back to 6?
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    i dont need to. as per this post.
    9) Run webOS Doctor 3.0.0 (This is to ensure a repartitioning and no other version will work at this point )
    [Guide] Factory condition restoration / Downgrade to webOS 3.0.0 - xda-developers.
    is the only reason i was thinking maybe 3.0.0 would be better. but if 3.0.5 can handle the partitioning work i can certainly us 3.0.5.

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