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    I was going to try and repartition my tp for ubuntu install and when I was in Tailor I hit the usb/media tab and hit check filesystem.
    Well It started and thought like a dumb ***, that I could go to main and swipe up the program to close the app and cancel check filesystem.
    Well I went to main and closed the app then opened Tailor again, only to find a gray screen.
    This is what I did afterward and all I see now is Hp symbol from when starting from power on.
    - I turned off the tp.
    - I pressed the power button to start and logo just would stay.
    - I pressed power plus home key, and rebooted then logo appeared and stayed.
    - " same step above except this time I rebooted and released the buttons so that it did not restart., then I pressed the power button to restart and the logo appeared adn stayed.
    - Las thing I did was hold pwr+home+Vol and rebooted and still logo appears and stays.

    Please tell me that the tp is running the check filesystem and will start, and that I did not ruin my tp, or how I can get the tp unfreeze from the logo.

    I will keep the battery plugged in because I have read that you do not want the battery to go dead, and I am afraid that the logo being will run the battery down.

    Please help me!!!!
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    I think the best way to get a resolution to this would be in the main tailor thread.
    Hopefully one of the Guru's can help you. Sorry - I'm not one :-(

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