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    I asked this question on the Amazon forums and received one response which to me, is pooching the dog.

    I am using a Touchpad 32. My wife has the same thing. We are both attached to my amazon account. Therefore, whatever books either one of us orders appears on both machines.

    Every once in awhile during the past year and a half, we would get a book with a plain brown cover and the title on that in plain white letters. When the book is opened, the original cover appears. Close the book and go back to the Library, it still has the brown cover.

    As of yesterday, every single cover is plain brown. I download a lot of Amazons free books. So, as of yesterday, I have about 70 books all with the same brown cover.

    One of the moderators at the forum who responded to my query said to delete the app and re-install it.

    I don't think so.

    To say it bluntly, I have over 7,500 books on my Toucpad. All my books are segregated into their proper sections such as Science Fiction, History, Cook Books, Health etc. If I delete and re-install the app, I will have to redo all the books and place them back in their proper sections. That's over 7,500 books which would take me, ohhh, maybe two months to complete. No thanks. The solution offered, even though it's a quickie, is not something I am going to do.

    He also implied that it was my Touchpad itself. That I should check it to see if something within my unit was causing the problem. My take is that this is stemming from Amazon itself since the problem is with both mine and my wifes Touchpads. If it was just mine, I could see that. But on both our machines, the exact same books? Nope, has to be on their end.

    If anyone has come across this issue or has any idea on how to solve it, short of deleting the app, please advise.

    Also, i have over 12 meg memory left on my machine and my wife has 23meg on hers ( I have a lot of music on my machine). I don't think memory is a factor in this situation.

    Thanks for your help and advise.

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